Portrait of Julie

Mission and Premise

You want to eat healthier but have no idea what to put in your cart that tastes good, is actually nutritious, and fits your lifestyle and budget. You desire to make a major dietary shift but are not sure what to buy.  You've been given direction or advice by a nutritionist or doctor but are unclear how to translate it into actual food purchases. 

Grocery Coach Julie will accompany you to the store and help you transform your grocery cart in real time!

The GCJ Mission is to optimize the nutritional profile of your grocery cart in a manner that is realistically compatible with your nutritional goals, budget, lifestyle, and level of commitment to healthy change.

A Word about Weight Loss

Weight management is often the main motivator for most people to eat right, and it's a good one. Excess pounds are a major roadblock to wellness; not only do they impact our overall sense of self, but they also cause a myriad of expensive and detrimental health conditions.

While losing weight successfully generally requires a combination of factors (eating nutritious foods in appropriate portions, being active, getting enough sleep, etc.), the number one variable in achieving weight reduction is the actual food you consume—which starts with informed food choices.

A personalized shopping trip can guide you in making those choices accordingly.

Julie Before and After

Meet Julie

Following a severe gluten and casein intolerance diagnosis in 2011, Julie Graham immersed herself in food and nutrition research in order to adapt to a whole new lifestyle. Upon putting her findings into practice, she's been symptom-free — and 100 lbs. lighter — ever since.

Julie's journey has yielded a deep and expansive knowledge base of food selection and preparation. This information not only healed her body, but it completely changed her life. She is eager to put her experience to work for you!

Whether your goal is weight loss, food allergy management, or simply optimizing your food intake to maximize your overall health, Julie would be honored for the opportunity to help you succeed in your nutrition endeavors. She is also an avid cook and happy to share recipe recommendations as well.

Julie holds a Master's Degree in Education with a Post Graduate Nutrition Certificate in Creating Healthy Communities from the Friedman School of Nutrition at Tufts University. During the week, she works as a Field Sales Manager for a Fortune 500 organization.

Julie prioritizes physical fitness and proudly participates in a wide range of athletic events, including triathlons, climbing, and yoga. She also loves to travel (and eat!) abroad, and happily resides in Highwood, IL, after many years of Chicago city living.