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Grocery Coach Julie's goal is to create alignment between your existing food preferences and the healthiest options available. While she can certainly assist you with a complete dietary overhaul if that is your objective, the ultimate goal is to help you find initial and sustainable inroads to improving your overall nutritional profile wherever you are on your journey right now.

For example, if you usually buy ice cream, GCJ will not simply tell you, "No ice cream!" Instead, she will show you which ice cream* gives you the best nutritional advantage.  It may surprise or even delight you what the best choices actually are.  Make no mistake: Grocery Coach Julie LOVES food, including dessert!

Grocery Coach Julie will make every good faith effort to make recommendations that are agreeable with your body chemistry and tastes. She strongly recommends that you clear any concerns about her recommended food choices with your personal health care provider.

*Grocery Coach Julie is not affiliated with any brands or food manufacturers and receives no commissions or compensation from these entities.

The GCJ Experience

Grocery Coach Julie will meet you at a store of your choosing within the GCJ service area. Together, we will proceed with your typical shopping experience. We will visit the areas of the store that you currently frequent, and evaluate the foods that you generally buy.

During your personalized, guided shopping trip, we will also identify new food choices and options that best align with your wellness goals, as well as your budget and lifestyle. YOU will ultimately choose the foods you buy with the benefit of a personal grocery consultant to advise you.

Regardless of what you place in your cart by the end of our trip, you will achieve a thorough understanding of how each item you select may benefit your health and impact your overall nutritional profile.

Please allow approximately two hours at the store for your guided shopping trip.

Pricing and Offerings

The flagship GCJ experience is a private and personalized hosted grocery shopping trip.  

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$199 Per Shopper/Household for Initial Guided Shopping Trip

Fee includes unlimited phone/text/email consultations for the primary shopper following our store visit. 

Shoppers are responsible for the cost of all grocery purchases.

Payment is due at the time of service. Grocery Coach Julie accepts Cash, Visa, or MasterCard via Square, Venmo, or Zelle. No personal checks, please.

$75 Per Hour for Additional Services Following an Initial Appointment
$125 Per Hour for Services Without an Initial Appointment

Additional hourly service offerings may include:

  • In-Home Pantry "Makeovers"
  • Occasion-Based Food Planning: School and Office Lunches, Parties and Events, etc.
  • Food Preparation Tips and Cooking Sessions
  • Workplace Education Events
  • Implementation of Medically Mandated Dietary Changes*

*Julie is not a Registered Dietitian and will ONLY make recommendations that align with an official diagnosis that you have already received from a licensed health practitioner.  However, she can certainly provide direction on how to obtain testing and medical guidance pertaining to food allergies or other related issues.

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